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Your predictable way to success

The founders of SalesDrive are Attila László and Gábor Schandl.

We launched our company in the belife that we could share our experiences with others who face challenges that we often had to deal with without outside help.

Attila previously worked in sales and sales management at Epson, IBM, SAP, Oracle and Cosmo Consult. He participated in countless trainings on selling, spent thousands of days in front of the screens of CRM systems, and even more with customers. He specializes in business development, exploring and building new markets. Incorporating modern technologies into sales is particularly close to him.


Gábor was a business consultant (Compaq, HP, EMC) for more than ten years before turning to sales in 2009. Since then, he has worked for IBM and Oracle as a sales executive and then as a management consultant, supporting the strategic decisions of Hungarian companies. He specializes in assessing business needs, designing and implementing IT solutions based on them. His hobbies are data analysis, spreadsheets and visualizations.

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Using our vast experience of the best of 30+ years in IT, sales and sales management we came up with out Sales Methodology and we formed a set of workshops based on it. We call it PathFinder and it aims to help SMB companies to optimize and streamline their sales operations.

We also realized that you cannot have a cutting edge sales organization without a best of bread CRM solution, so partnered with Salesforce and we also plan and implement Salesforce CRMs for our clients.

Focusing on B2B scenarios we help our customers with hands on assistance. We not just talk the talk but walk the walk, as well...

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