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PathFinder by SalesDrive

PathFinder is our data driven way to your measurable success.

We MAP, and MEASURE, so You can MANAGE, and SELL.


An interactive workshop with the participation of the entire sales team, in which our experts assess the current state of the firm's sales execution practice.

Mark the Path
Our dedicated experts describing the parts and steps of Pathfinder methodology. We mark the goal to be achieved, and define the path to it.

Gap Analysis

We provide feedback to the executives involved on the lessons learned, from the discovery workshop. During this phase we are examining your sales goals, market definition, go-to-market strategy, and business priorities. Based on the gathered information, gap analysis can be performed.

Tailor the Sales Process
As a joint effort, we help your team to develop the framework and details of your next-generation sales practice. We define measures and metrics to the level of needed datapoints.

Team Involvment

Salesdrive presents the results of the previous 3 workshops, define the axioms of the elements of the sales process, and the cornerstones of our strategy.
We interactively prepare salespeople how to benefit from the new tools and processes.

Forecasting Workshops

During the upcoming weeks, we will personally join the forecasing process, on the one hand supporting the work of the sales manager (s) and on the other hand helping the salespeople to successfully adapt to the new processes.


Evaluating the results with the leadership members, providing suggestions for possible further steps.

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